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Top 10 Employee Communication Solution Companies - 2019

The success of a business is derived from its successful employees. Hence, it is always important to ensure that employees are satisfied and happy. Feeding into this demand, today, there is an increased focus on building positive employee experience. But, merely implementing new technology is not enough. Companies must assess how new technology impacts internal processes and employees within an organization and ensure it is adequately modeled and communicated out.

Technology innovations have opened new ways to engage with employees. Artificial Intelligence-based collaboration software, the prevalence of video and image-based communications, and the escalating popularity of a company’s mobile apps are inevitably playing an impactful role in internal communications and employee engagement. For internal communicators, the challenge (and opportunity) is to leverage the potential of mobile to foster active working groups, which encourage collaboration and improve performance.

Consequently, there is a rising demand for video conferencing tools and remote collaboration solutions. Further, as physical equipment has minimized, the software and online resources businesses can now access online has expanded beyond all measure. The effect this has on working lives, particularly in internal communications, is significant. With the help of developing technology, businesses can experiment, hone, and continuously improve the way its employees work and communicate across the organization.

Hence, with a finger on the pulse and an eye on the future, HR Tech Outlook has compiled a list of top 10 employee communication solution providers that are leveraging technology to help businesses make the right decision.

We are glad to feature CA-based Zoom, a company that is helping businesses bring their teams together through its reliable cloud platform. With its offering, Zoom aims to transform the real-time collaboration experience and improves the quality and effectiveness of business communications. Another featured company, Qumu Corporation, provides a platform that enables global organizations to drive employee engagement, increase access to video, and modernize the workplace by providing a more efficient and effective way to share knowledge.

On the other end, we have companies like PoliteMail that helps businesses incorporate email analytics, responsive design, and list management tools into Outlook email broadcasts to employees.

With several innovative technological capabilities, these companies are constantly proving their mettle in the field of employee engagement and communication. We hope this issue of the HR Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster a technologically-driven work environment.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Employee Communication Solution Providers – 2019.”

    Top Employee Communication Solution Companies

  • ATOBI is a portal for retailers and telco's contact, learning, and market execution that is keen to take their retail operations to the next level. The ATOBI software for multiple users is versatile and tailor-made. It can organize the framework to meet the demands of the staff and their companies, and customize an overall brand look and feel. Every element is exceptional in its own area, but when the users merge them, the true beauty of ATOBI is enabled. ATOBI is used by retailers like Calvin Klein, Adidas, and Tommy Hilfiger to motivate their staff to increase sales and create memorable customer experiences

  • Navigate is a design and technology company specializing in corporate relations software, distribution, and marketing, digital sales meetings, as well as conventional design and development services. The V2.2 feature series of the Navigator Benefits Guide is a comprehensive set of interactive tools designed to help employees navigate the task of communicating information about the benefits plan. V2.2 services can and easily involve, train, and inspire their staff from hiring to retirement. The development ethos of Navigate revolves on four core principles that contribute to each plan they pursue

  • PoliteMail for Outlook provides email campaign and analytics tools for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. PoliteMail for Outlook enables corporate communicators to create, send, measure and improve the results of their internal communications to employees. The PoliteMail for Outlook software integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, the de facto industry standard for corporate email communications. Therefore, with PoliteMail for Outlook, corporate communications can use their existing email process, and easily apply the campaign and measurement tools they need to improve results and better engage employees

  • An enterprise video platform provider, Qumu is at the forefront of the corporate video revolution helping organizations create, manage, secure, distribute, and measure the effectiveness of live and on-demand video. Most organizations have some level of video content, but what they’re missing is an enterprise-wide platform to drive video use and engagement among employees, customers, partners and external stakeholders. With the Qumu Enterprise Video platform, organizations can effectively and efficiently engage with all of their stakeholders via video, from anywhere in the world and using any device

  • The WorkJam Digital Workplace unleashes the potential of enterprise workforces through agile scheduling, transformative communication, experiential learning, and tailored recognition. It simplifies and optimizes the communication and management of the hourly workforces of its customers with modern technology integrated with their existing systems. WorkJam increases sales conversion, drives down labor costs, lowers absenteeism and attrition rates, improves compliance, optimizes labor in relation to demand, and improves the customer experience through a more motivated and engaged workforce. For employees, WorkJam delivers more control over their schedule providing work-life balance, as well as the opportunity to develop skills, improve sales acumen and maximize their earnings and advancing their economic well-being

  • Founded in 2011 by former Cisco Webex head engineer Eric S. Yuan, Zoom sells subscriptions for enterprise-level video-conferencing services. It partnered with several established brands during its infancy, such as Logitech and the workplace collaboration tool Redbooth. Today, Zoom is a unicorn startup, partnering with larger companies such as Slack and Facebook, as well as launching Zoom for Telehealth for use by medical professionals. It has also grown into a top-500 app via Facebook login trends, an objectively impressive feat for an eight-year-old company

  • Bitrix24


    Bitrix-is a private company established in 1998 with headquarters in Alexandria, VA. Bitrix24 is a platform for networking launched in 2012. Bitrix24 provides the team with a full suite of online collaboration, interaction, and planning resources, including CRM, exchange of data, project management, schedules, and more. Bitrix24 is free online and in the cloud. The core strategies involve social networking, assignments and programs, CRM, document management, file sharing, scheduling and planning, sales team management, fax, contact management, and human resources management

  • GuideSpark


    GuideSpark provides software and solutions to organization and effectively engage over 22 million employees and achieve HR program adoption goals. GuideSpark, as a company that blends software and content experiences to deliver communication campaigns that inspire, inform, and activate employees. The company was founded in the year 2008 and is headquartered in Redwood City, CA. With a team of specialists, GuideSpark offers Employee Communications, Open Enrollment, Benefits & Total Rewards, Performance Management & Career Development, Financial Wellness, Wellness, Onboarding, & more. GuideSpark focuses on delivering best in breed software incorporating new technologies and expanding their communication model

  • SnapComms


    SnapComms offers alternatives to internal communication problems through their workplace collaboration software platform. Through our workplace collaboration software platform, SnapComms provides alternatives for internal communication problems. They offer a variety of ways to get employees' attention at the right moment, with the right strategy, to the correct person. The highly visual, multi-purpose messaging tools from SnapComms are delivered directly to workers wherever they are and are distributed across the entire contact continuum – from disruptive, full-screen emergency alerts to more responsive channels of general awareness

  • Weavy


    Weavy is a full-stack design platform that brings full team interaction capabilities and collaboration capabilities to an app. weavy is an attempt to make their applications significantly better and more efficient with embedded group interaction and collaboration for the software vendors, app developers, engineers, ISVs. weavy's software immediately brings intuitive group interaction and collaboration capabilities to the user's phone, such as instant messaging, the collaboration of files, file sharing with Office 365, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and more. Use a quick code snippet to incorporate the Drop-in UI into the client interface, create deep integrations through your API, and create personalized weavy apps with the SDK