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Top 10 Employee Communication Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

Low employee engagement often leads to poor business outcomes and productivity. A recent report from Gallup, a U.S. analytics and advisory company, reveals that a staggering 87 percent of employees worldwide are disengaged at their workplace. The reasons for such disconnect boils down to factors that include lack of open communication and transparency, failure in employee recognition, and poor cross-functional relationships with colleagues and the management. 

While the idea of instant communication isn’t new to solve these issues, the reality of its meaning has changed due to the hyper-connected lives we live today, where so much is happening at once. Internal communication in the workplace is no exception. To connect with today’s workforce, messages need to be brief and precise. With HR’s ever-increasing responsibilities, ensuring enhanced workforce collaboration and communication isn’t always easy. This is where having a partner that can take care of the aspects from moving the needle on employee engagement surveys to managing large-scale communication campaigns can make all the difference.

With a comprehensive understanding of these new developments, HR Tech Outlook has compiled a list of top 10 employee communication consulting/services companies to guide firms in harnessing the power of innovative HR technologies to tackle today’s business challenges. 

We are glad to feature Boston-based StitchDX, a digital experience agency that aids organizations to achieve their strategic goals and drive revenue growth through a brand-first approach. The company works with its clients to get a deep understanding of their businesses and needs, and then weaves powerful narratives with proven marketing and productivity strategies to help the firm build awareness, engage employees and prospects, and deliver more revenue. Another featured company is Benefit Communications Inc. (BCI). As a modern-day alternative to the legacy HR system’s transactional experience, Nashville-based BCI offers HR system enhancements for effective benefits communication, education, and engagement.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up their sleeves, these firms are constantly proving their mettle in the employee communication space. We hope this edition of HR Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm needs to foster a collaborative working environment.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Employee Communication Consulting/Services Companies – 2019.”

    Top Employee Communication Consulting Companies

  • The company customizes affordable HR and benefits solutions for large companies in the areas of benefit enrollments, communications, data management, and staffing. The experienced professionals work as an extension of internal HR teams, helping streamline processes to create maximum efficiency. The primary goal of the firm is to free more of HR’s time, allowing them to focus less on administrative tasks and more on strategic company objectives. The company focuses on enhancing employee services and maximizing the value of expensive benefit programs. Infrastructure. BCI partners with insurance companies, brokers, and consultants whose clients represent various industries including healthcare, transportation, retail, financial services, and manufacturing

  • StitchDX helps organizations optimize employee engagement and customer acquisition to attain high-impact growth goals through digital experiences that enhance collaboration, communication, marketing and innovation. StitchDX is a Gold level Akumina Implementation Partner and works with SMBs to large enterprise organizations across North America and Europe to define strategies that unify and simplify the digital landscape into a “single pane of glass”, streamlining the digital employee experience while simultaneously driving engagement

  • BenefitVision


    BenefitVision provides live feedback, one-on-one, to make it easier and less daunting to enroll. BenefitVision offers a wide range of enrollment and software services for employee benefits. Their foundation is based on the ability of workers to communicate program rewards, functions, and decisions effectively. BenefitVision is dedicated to reliable, prompt, and efficient interaction in everything they do with customers. Additionally, the firm provides Benefits Enrollment plans, Voluntary Benefits services that help bridge the accessibility gap in health care by minimizing employers ' expenses

  • Brilliant Ink

    Brilliant Ink

    Brilliant Ink is an agency dedicated to designing meaningful employee experiences. The company uses a research-driven approach to create experiences across the entire employee life cycle, partnering with organizations of all shapes and sizes to inspire their people to think big, drive business results and transform the way they connect to their work. The company specializes in building employee experiences that are meaningful to their customers. The company specializes in Employee Engagement, Executive Communications, Corporate Communications, Employee Experience, Internal Communications, Employee Happiness, Communications, Human Resources, HR, Diversity and Inclusion, and Benefits

  • Bronn Communication

    Bronn Communication

    The internal communications agency, Bronn Communications, helps companies in engaging their most important audience and brand advocates and the employees. They offer a range of interior communication services to meet business objectives. They scale and tailor the services for the clients to meet their specific needs. The engaged employees feel connected to their company's mission and help in moving the business forward. Whether there is a need for a partner to develop an end-to-end communication strategy for a high-impact change, strong creative writer, and designer to develop content for the channels, Bronn Communications can help

  • Crescenzo Communications

    Crescenzo Communications

    Crescenzo Communications has been in the communication industry for more than 20 years, with always a rising passion for what they do. They have worked with and trained thousands of communicators – and they bring that experience inside the client’s organization. Along with all of the consulting and training services, they offer real-world experience and can deliver best-practice case studies from organizations of all sizes – something not all consultants in the industry can offer. Crescenzo Communications create solutions and recommendations that are specific and unique to the client, and more importantly, make sense to them

  • Davis & Company

    Davis & Company

    When it comes to helping employees and engaging them, Davis & Company is the firm for it. After all, they are the pioneers in employee communication, and they continue to lead with innovative solutions that reach, engage, and motivate employees. They do their best work and help the companies to succeed. Founded in 1984, Davis & Company has a proven track record of supporting leading companies in a variety of industries and geographies to communicate effectively. Their combined experience as consultants, designers, communicators, and industry leaders is what sets them apart as a company

  • ROI Communication

    ROI Communication

    Over the past 15 years, ROI has become the leading consulting firm focused on employee communication and engagement. They develop, implement, and measure initiatives that improve communication with employees and deepen their commitment to achieving corporate goals. The company strengthens communication within organizations enabling and inspiring employees to collaborate better, contribute more, and become stronger advocates of their business, culture, and brand. ROI is committed to adding value, building relationships, and delivering results for each other, their clients, their communities, and the world. It works with large, global fortune 500 companies, impacting millions of employees, improving their experience across dozens of industries

  • The Segal Group

    The Segal Group

    Sibson Consulting helps organizations grow their business profitably and increase the performance and productivity of their people. As an independent, employee-owned firm, their advice is objective and unbiased. It provides HR and benefits consulting for corporations and nonprofit organizations, including public and private corporations, sports organizations, hospitals, and health systems, and many more. Sibson provides customized, strategy-to-implementation benefits solutions aligned with the organization's goals rather than products or pre-packaged solutions. Their offerings include health and retirement consulting and actuarial services, insurance services, investment consulting services, and so on

  • Tribe


    Tribe was founded in Atlanta in 2002 as a creative boutique for consumer brands. The company’s initial engagement is for a cultural and communications audit. Tribe works with Sharepoint, SasS platforms, and other digital technologies, but sometimes, the most elegant communications solutions are decidedly no-tech. It leverages human channels, especially for non-desk employees. They work to find the right channels for the clients’ specific audiences, considering their job functions, geography, workspace, and the physical realities of their workdays. Their workflow processes help companies move quickly to meet tight timelines, and their open studio workspace streamlines communication and collaboration by sheer physical proximity