Top 10 Employee Communication Solution Providers - 2018

Most often than not, managers and supervisors are held back with daily demands of planning communications, creating social media strategies, and supporting their executives without taking the time to focus on their skill set as leaders. As a result, they are not as successful as they could be in making communications a critical leadership tool that drives performance. However, this trend is taking a huge shift. Organizations have realized that employee Communication is the adhesive that binds companies together. With that in mind, organizations are deploying employee communication solutions to increase the speed and efficiency of communication through multiple channels.

With managed employee communication numerous goals can be achieved. For systematization, and for external communication policy, one can differentiate between economic and communication goals. Economic goals, such as improving profits by reducing costs and increased revenues, can be achieved by employee communication only indirectly, for example, by improved work performance. Employee communication solutions can also enhance the knowledge, attitude and behavioral level of the employees.

Communicators often strive for greater reach because reach means relevance. Employee communication solutions vendors integrate their solution with mobile communication app to engage all the employees irrespective of how remote they are. As they say, visuals score better when imparting a message, because the video has a greater impact than audio. Organizations today have video at the top of their list to improve internal communication, that includes from training to important news and announcements. Gamification is another trend that is making headlines in increasing productivity and helping companies align their goals with those of employees.

To achieve the desired levels of engagement in an organization, HR professionals must equip and empower business leaders with the right set of tools. Aligning with the same HR Tech Outlook brings to you “Top 10 Employee Communication Solution Providers - 2018”. This list gives you some of the most prominent are organizations in the industry and their proficiency in offering employee communications solutions that suit customers’ specific requirements and help them enhance their communication.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
ATOBI Offers a full-suite app to enhance employee engagement, communication and competencies in enterprise workplace through a unified channel
BenefitVision BenefitVision is a benefits enrollment company that provides a full range of employee benefits enrollment, technology, and communication services
CollaborateCloud Allows employees to interact in real time, conduct virtual meetings, collaborate on files, delegate tasks, manage events, track due dates and manage all their business functions
Dynamic Signal Aligns organizations and increases productivity by delivering timely, relevant information to millions of employees around the world
Evenium A full range of online solutions to optimize and revolutionize events every step of the way from invitations, registration and ticket sales to help communicate the event
GoWall With its WallShare™ and Designed Dialogue™ features, facilitators structure meeting dialogue so participants can share their ideas efficiently and simultaneously
Hoozin Allows organizations to meet their requirements of improved collaboration, innovation and silo effect reduction
IntranetPro IntranetPro’s engagement analytics help you understand how employees use your SharePoint site
Navigate Communications A design and technology firm that specializes in the design, delivery, and management of employee communications, interactive sales presentations, and traditional design and development services
OnSolve Cloud-based software solutions that are easy-to-deploy, easy to use, and have been built specifically to support the exchange of critical information, across the full spectrum of channels